Friday, September 4, 2009

What a difference a day makes!!

Last Saturday I went down the stairs to get something for my thing I knew I was sliding down most of the stairs....when I finally stopped....I realized I was in horrible pain & my foot was going the opposite direction of my leg! Not a pretty sight! I yelled for my husband to call 911.....then yelled a few more things.....I need some ice.....get me a my the neighbor...grab the insurance card! Bossy girl even in the midst of a broken leg! Yes......I dislocated my ankle, broke my fibula & tore all of the ligaments in my ankle! I had to have surgery and now have some new hardware in my ankle....I can not put any pressure on my leg for at least 4 weeks...mama is not happy! In fact I am having myself a pity party today!! We were supposed to be going as a family to the Ozarks today! The tears just keep flowing......we were so looking forward to the trip! My awesome friends & family have been taking care of me and have even set up a meal schedule! I am so lucky and I know God will carry me through all of this, but I may need some words of wisdom on how to stay sane with 3 kids, 3 dogs, a husband & a broken leg!!!

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