Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mall of America/Father's Day

Daddy decided we should go to the Mall of America for Father's Day to see a Minnesota Twins game! Perfect I long as I can do some shopping and go to IKEA! Which by the way I fell in love with that store!!! So much fun and so much to see!!! We decided to take the Light Rail...which took us right to the Metro was a fun ride for all of us and no parking fiasco!!Here we all are waiting for the train to pick us up and take us to our destination!!The train was lots of fun for all of us, but super crowded! We were only able to sit down on the way back...everyone was going to the big Twins Game!!!

Arriving at the Big Game!!! It was so cool in the dome...unlike my poor sister who went to the KC Royals games in 115 degree weather!!!

Lots of fun snacks at the game!!! Had to try them all!!

After the game, had to make a quick stop back to the Mall of America! My good friend Lauren Conrad (L.C.) was their having a book signing! Had to wait in line for myself and got one for my friend Leigh Ann's birthday! Lauren is so cute in person! I am sure we would be good friend if she lived here!!!

My kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful father and so am I!!! My dad is AWESOME!!! He has been battling esophageal cancer for the past year and a half and has proven to be such a fighter!! I am so proud of him for all that he has done and how he continues to prove all of the doctors wrong in fighting such a horrible disease!! He will win this battle by his tremendous strength and by the grace of God. Thank you to so many who have been praying for him!!

I love you DAD!!!

Jack Takes The Mound

This year was Jack's 1st year to play baseball! His dad decided to coach the team, which Jack thought was so AWESOME!!! Rob soon discovered that every little boys dream is to be the pitcher. Coach Rob decided that he would let the boys try all types of positions & that every little boy on the team would have a turn pitching! the last game, Jack got to pitch to 2 players and was in heaven...what an awesome coach!!!Nice pitch...Jack!! Go Twins!In position...ready to field!Jack with the best coach ever...daddy!!! Receiving their medals at closing ceremonies!!

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