Friday, June 26, 2009

Master Bedroom

Another Home Tour from Kelly's Korner Blog! Today is Master Bedrooms...Enjoy & check out more Master Bedrooms over at Kelly's Blog!!

This is our master bedroom...done in creams. raspberry toiles and Latte paint color from Sherwin Williams! We have had the cream, iron bed friend Veronica had it designed for us & we love it. I really want a king size bed, but just can't let go of this dream would be to give it to Callie to use for her bed, in our next home where she has her own another 25 years! Ha-Ha The red, iron heart above the bed is from a local designer here in Iowa. Wanted something above the bed with a punch of color & whimsy! Glass, ball lamps are from Target!

I found this armoire a long time ago had a "HOLD" sticker on it when we wanted to buy it, but the sticker had the salesperson let us buy it! This is where the tv is to watch late night tv, but can't find the remote right now & this is driving us crazy!! The rocking chair is done in a raspberry & cream checked is so cozy!!! My friend Jill made the window treatments out of the toile fabric & cream ball fringe! Thanks, Jill!!

Love this bird print and dresser...all from C'est La Vie! Lots of glass mirrored frames of all the people we love!!

This is one of my favorite pillows...also from C'est La Vie...the store that is no more...:(

...And so far we have lived happily ever after...18 years later!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bathrooms Continued!

Okay...this is the master bath...all things toile! I didn't even know about toile, until I started working at one of my friend's store...C'est La Vie! That is where the love affair with toile began. My sister and I used to work at her cute little store...which I am sorry to say is no longer a store! We sure miss all of the great treasures we used to buy at the store! This bathroom is done in a raspberry wallpaper that my cousin sent me...she had left-overs from one of her bathrooms...lucky me!!
I love this tin shelf and this is where I display all of my perfume...these cute pictures are from C'est La Vie too.....very cute...boxers, bras & undies! They are made from a company called Spicher!

These are a few of my favorite products!! Love this shampoo and is Pureology and it is divine! It is available from a hair salon or I have even seen it at Target. It is not cheap, but it is worth the price! I am loving this hairspray made by Grund &it is called this at my hair salon! My cousin sent me this hand cream...Laura Mercier...Creme Brulee...smells so good! I got this great body wash at TJ whole family loves it! It is orange & lime body will love the citrus smell! Finally my favorite perfume right now is Amazing Grace by philosophy! My friend Karen had it on one day and it smelled so good!
Hope you enjoyed the bathroom tours at The Roush House!! Now I am off to get ready for my 25th Class Reunion! I am kind of nervous, but am sure it will be fun!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Bathrooms Continued!

This is the kid's bathroom! It is so bright and cheery and I just love it! We started with a yellow paint and then added wall dots from Lowes....stole this idea from my friend Janet! I had the striped shower curtain from a long time I just got wall dots to match all of the colors. Then I added different color ribbons to the rings on the shower curtain...I love ribbon! Next I got this little shelf at Target and put adorable picture of the kids.....this is where they hang there hooded towels that they got from Grandma ( she bought them at Kohls). The kids are probably getting too old for all of this stuff, but I am just not ready to change it!

I got this cute jar and put all of their flossies so they can floss their teeth! I am sure they probably never do...I even made a label for the jar that says..."don't forget to floss!!!" Not sure if it is working though!!

Bathroom Home Tour

Today I will be posting about bathrooms! Kelly over at Kellys Korner Blog is doing a HomeTour every Friday and this Friday is for bathrooms! I will be showing you our half bath on the main floor....the kiddo's bath & our master bathroom! Enjoy!! This is our half bath on the main floor...this proves that even tiny spaces can be stylish! My cousin came one weekend from Georgia and stated that my bathroom needed some she picked out this awesome green paint and we went from there! We decided to accent with lots of black.

I ripped out the old towel holder and found this cute green towel was a different color and I painted it black!

My cousin from Georgia sent me this awesome oil painting of a bird. She had one in her bathroom and I so wanted it...

While she was here we picked up this great chandelier and she had my husband hang it above the it and such an easy thing to dress up a bathroom! She has given me tons of black, antique trays so I added these for some drama on the green wall!

My cousin also gave me this gorgeous plate and it adds just the right amount of color pop! I love this little bathroom! Thanks cuz for all of your help in this redo!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thumbody Special

I received the most adorable gift yesterday from Olivia's 1st grade teacher! It is a flower pot with all of the kids thumbprints and it reads...We think you are thumbody special! Love it!!! They gave it to me for helping out in the classroom, but little did they know I just went to chat with Miss Freeman about "Hollywood Gossip" & "Reality TV"!!! We did have some great chats!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Olivia Reading Celebration

Olivia had a Reading Celebration with all the 1st graders in her class. They all take turns reading and it is just a wonderful celebration of how far they have come since the beginning of the year. Olivia has had a fabulous year in first grade...mostly due to her AWESOME teacher Miss Freeman.....who our family adores!
Olivia standing in line...waiting for her turn to read! This is her new hairstyle she created. She cracks us up!!Olivia reading with her friend Elisabeth!
Another good buddy...Melanie!

She was so happy when it was on to the the good stuff...cookies!! Way to go Olivia...we are so proud of you!!
What have your kids been doing ???

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