Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bathrooms Continued!

Okay...this is the master bath...all things toile! I didn't even know about toile, until I started working at one of my friend's store...C'est La Vie! That is where the love affair with toile began. My sister and I used to work at her cute little store...which I am sorry to say is no longer a store! We sure miss all of the great treasures we used to buy at the store! This bathroom is done in a raspberry wallpaper that my cousin sent me...she had left-overs from one of her bathrooms...lucky me!!
I love this tin shelf and this is where I display all of my perfume...these cute pictures are from C'est La Vie too.....very cute...boxers, bras & undies! They are made from a company called Spicher!

These are a few of my favorite products!! Love this shampoo and is Pureology and it is divine! It is available from a hair salon or I have even seen it at Target. It is not cheap, but it is worth the price! I am loving this hairspray made by Grund &it is called this at my hair salon! My cousin sent me this hand cream...Laura Mercier...Creme Brulee...smells so good! I got this great body wash at TJ whole family loves it! It is orange & lime body will love the citrus smell! Finally my favorite perfume right now is Amazing Grace by philosophy! My friend Karen had it on one day and it smelled so good!
Hope you enjoyed the bathroom tours at The Roush House!! Now I am off to get ready for my 25th Class Reunion! I am kind of nervous, but am sure it will be fun!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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