Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bathrooms Continued!

This is the kid's bathroom! It is so bright and cheery and I just love it! We started with a yellow paint and then added wall dots from Lowes....stole this idea from my friend Janet! I had the striped shower curtain from a long time I just got wall dots to match all of the colors. Then I added different color ribbons to the rings on the shower curtain...I love ribbon! Next I got this little shelf at Target and put adorable picture of the kids.....this is where they hang there hooded towels that they got from Grandma ( she bought them at Kohls). The kids are probably getting too old for all of this stuff, but I am just not ready to change it!

I got this cute jar and put all of their flossies so they can floss their teeth! I am sure they probably never do...I even made a label for the jar that says..."don't forget to floss!!!" Not sure if it is working though!!

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